Should you buy those extra pics?

MAUI, Hawaii -- You've saved up for an excursion of a lifetime. Climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro, rafting the Zambezi, diving the Great Barrier Reef or a helicopter tour of Maui. You have your GoPro, iPhone and fancy DSLR to capture your incredible moments but you're being offered a CD/DVD of your adventure for an additional $60. Do you take it or shoot on your own?

While most companies are going to definitely take great images, if you have all the swanky equipment, why pay extra? Are you really going to watch that DVD anyway? Probably not. So take it from me, take your own shots and use a simple editing program and put it together yourself. Not only will you save a ton, you'll also perfect those editing skills and have something brag about. Watch my video of our helicopter tour of Maui!

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