3 Ways to Make Your Vacay Footage Go Viral

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ST. THOMAS, USVI-- So you just returned from that amazing vacation and you have hundreds of photos and a few hours of video. What are you going to do now? How do you sift through all of this footage and edit something that you and your love ones will cherish? I have 3 quick tips to help you go viral, in a good way!

1. Pick Your Best Shots.

Review your footage and pick your best shots. Discard all the images that are out of focus, poorly framed or shakey! Then go through and get rid of all the duplicates and shots where people have their eyes closed or funny objects are oddly placed. Such as polls and trees poking out of heads. You should be left with your best content.

2. Edit Like a Pro

You don't need to be a professional editor to make a great video. There are a variety of free editing softwares such as Windows Movie Maker and iMovie that are extremely user friendly and easy to use. Upload your footage, pick a fun theme and have fun.

3. Add Music and a Title

A great soundtrack and title can really enhance your video. Always try to use fair use or copyright free music. A good site with thousands of options is Free Music Archive. Be creative and descriptive with your title, it can help to draw viewers.

Check out my recent video from my birthday trip to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.


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