New Mobile App Streamlines Health Care Systems in Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya— Do you know which countries have the highest cell phone usage? The list might not surprise you with China, India and the U.S. taking the top three spots. However, developing countries such as Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya all report between 50-75 percent of their overall population has access to a mobile phone. Smartphone ownership is skyrocketing in Kenya and it is estimated that 4.3 million high tech phones will be in circulation before the end of the year many of these users accessing invaluable health care information for themselves and their families. How are health care professionals using mobile technology to benefit their patients?

ZIDI is a mobile health care management system for medical professionals in Kenya. With access to the internet via a mobile device, tablet or computer health care providers are able to track procedures, lab tests, drug inventory and facility revenues. A product from MicroClinic Technologies Inc, the app has won countless awards and is currently being used across the country. Watch this video to learn how ZIDI is changing lives, one download at a time.

This post was made possible by a grant from the International Reporting Project.

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